Lawyer Evgeny Filippenko in Israel

Evgenia Filippenko specializes in immigration law, legalization cases in certain countries, family law and inheritance law. If a dispute arises in commercial activity, we will resolve it as an independent mediator. We specialize in professional legal advice, representation and support in all cases.

We assist in the collection, preparation and purchase of necessary documents from various countries, if necessary, we professionally accompany several immigration offices in some countries. Our official website —

Acquisition of citizenship

What distinguishes us from others is that we provide effective solutions and support on all legal issues, from strategic development to obtaining the desired status.

Get legal status

In addition to obtaining an emergency visa, we can also accompany a couple to obtain an Israeli residence visa/residence permit.

In order to obtain citizenship in this country, you need to contact a lawyer to find out the optimal course, get the necessary visa and go through the procedure without hindrance. We collect, prepare, assist in obtaining the necessary documents in each country, as well as prepare the necessary interviews.

Family law

We specialize in drafting marriage agreements, all types of claims and transactions, divorce, custody, paternity, inheritance and wills.

Questions of inheritance law concerning wills and inheritance are solved by qualified specialists. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Support your business

For corporate clients, we provide support and legal services if company registration is required. We advise our clients on potential risks, such as building strategies, reviewing and drafting institutional documents, organizational and legal nuances when entering foreign markets.

An experienced mediator

Thanks to the services of independent and qualified intermediaries, customers can find mutually beneficial solutions. The mediator is good because the parties take into account various factors related to the dispute due to the work of an experienced mediator.

Family law

The specialization of our bureau is to represent the interests of the client if he draws up a prenuptial agreement, regulates any kind of complaints and transactions, terminates the marriage, thinks about custody, proof of paternity, inheritance, will.

The right of inheritance

Qualified specialists will help you with questions about the will and inheritance of property. Our company is engaged in the preparation and execution of both ordinary and bilateral wills, as well as obtaining an inheritance order and an order for the execution of wills.

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